October 23rd

​Smashing Pumpkins #1 on the Back Nine

October 30th

​Smashing Pumpkins #2 on the Front Nine (FALL FINALE)

For a downloadable copy of the 2019 League Schedule, Click Here

2019 RP Men's League Schedule

Upcoming Events in August

DATE                        FORMAT                                NOTES


March 13th               Preview Week #1                   Skins Only and Registration

March 20th               Preview Week #2                   Skins Only and Registration

March 27th               Gross/Net F9                         Rose Park Cup Play Begins, Regular Match-Play Entries Open


April 3rd                   Gross/Net B9        

April 10th                 The Masters Pro-Am F9         Tree Fundraiser, Match-Play Championship Begins

April 13th                  Saturday Skins

April 17th                  Spring Stableford B9              Gross Only

April 24th                  Gross/Net F9  


May 1st                    Gross/Net B9                         Match-Play Round 1 Due

May 8th                    Blind Draw Best Ball B9         Gross Only           

May 11th                  Rose Park Open                    Men's League Side Game Saturday Event

May 15th                  Gross/Net F9                         Match-Play Quarterfinal Due

May 22nd                 Gross/Net B9

May 29th                  Promotion/Relegation F9       Match-Play Semifinal Due


June 5th                   Gross/Net B9

June 12th                 Gross/Net F9                         (The Thorn Gross-Only Match Play Entries Open)

June 15th                 Saturday Skins

June 19th                 Gross/Net B9                         

June 26th                 Chicago F9                            Net Only, Match-Play Championship Due, Cut to Top-50 For Rose Park Cup


July 3rd                    Red, White and Blue B9       The Thorn Gross Only Match-Play Begins, Rose Park Cup Playoffs Begin                 

July 10th                  Summer Stableford F9         Gross Only                                  

July 17th                  Gross/Net B9                        

July 20th                  Saturday Skins                       

July 24th                  Gross/Net F9                        Club Championship Qualifier #1, Gross Only Match-Play Quarterfinal Due

July 31st                  Gross/Net B9                        Club Championship Qualifier #2


August 7th               Gross/Net F9                        Club Championship Qualifier #3, Gross Only Match-Play Semifinal Due

August 14th             Gross/Net B9                        Club Championship Qualifier #4

August 21st             Last Chance Club Championship Qualifier   Club Championship Entries Due

August 24th             Club Championship 2019     Saturday Event Major Championship, Cut to Top-15 In Rose Park Cup

August 28th             Chicago B9                           Net Only, Chase Begins, Gross-Only Match-Play Championship Due


September 4th         Gross/Net F9                      

September 7th         Rose Park 2-Man Classic   Saturday Event, No Cup Points

September 11th       Gross/Net B9

September 18th       Fall Stableford F9                Gross Only

September 25th       Gross/Net B9                      


October 2nd             Gross/Net F9                       Rose Park Cup Champion Crowned

October 5th              Saturday Skins

THE FALL SERIES             

October 9th              Heaven and Hell B9                            

October 16th            The Medusa F9              

October 23rd            Smashing Pumpkins #1 B9

October 30th            Smashing Pumpkins #2 F9 


November 6th           Wrapup Skins Game          Skins Only, Weather Permitting

November 9th           Saturday Skins and Food Drive Raffle

November 13th         Wrapup Skins Game          Skins Only, Weather Permitting

November 20th         Wrapup Skins  Game         Skins Only, Weather Permitting

November 27th         Wrapup Skins Game          Skins Only, Weather Permitting

*Date Subject to Change